Chris Krycho { Attribution}


I owe a debt of gratitude to the following for their invaluable contributions:

  • JQuery: a javascript library developed initially by John Resig and now further developed by an extraordinary community. Every animation on this site owes something to JQuery.
  • Pikachoose: the front page slideshow is an implementation of the Pikachoose Jquery plugin by Jeremy Fry. It's a fantastic piece of work.
  • JCarousel: the side-scrolling menus of photographs are built on this handy JQuery plugin by Jan Sorgalla.
  • PrettyPhoto: the excellent "lightbox" effect is generated by the JQuery plugin written by St├ęphane Caron. Isn't it pretty?

I didn't get to this point in web design without a lot of help along the way. I learned most of what I know by studying others' work. Accordingly, all source files are available on the condition that you share alike. If you actually use any of my code in your website, great!—please just give me credit.

Curious folks will notice that I've compressed all the CSS and Javascript files—it helps with load times, but it makes it hard to follow, and my intent is not to obfuscate. Accordingly, please feel free to uncompress the files and use them in your own learning. (Alternately, just contact me and I'll happily get you the development versions of the files.)

All of the content on this website is ©2011 Christopher Krycho. Photographs are works licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.